Despite their omnipresent nature in our societies and cultures, and although they are at the origin of many of our reactions and emotions, there is no place gathering all the knowledge linked to colours in their plurality. This is the challenge that this project of a Museum of Colours wishes to accomplish.

We wish to create a space welcoming different exhibitions and permanent installations, and thus furnish a complete architectural whole, to the dimensions of the theme / object / topic. Even if many exhibitions have been organised on the theme of colours, it seems that the amount of elements linked to them need to find walls, which would take these dimension into account, and which would also be thought to embody the topic. A colored whole to show colours.

Colours are universal, interdisciplinary and timeless, coalescing with numerous aspects of our environment – from heraldry and religion yesterday, to clothing and urbanism and design today. This continues in the «hard» sciences : pharmacy, biology, physics and chemistry - and in human and social sciences. The universality of colours constitutes a rich body of diversified knowledge.


Colours take an essential place in different disciplines, and are also part of the common human patrimony : colours shape our world and its cultures. Thus, this museum speaks to everyone. Dedicated to find a site in a European capital city, its influence and its international calling would attract tourists and partners throughout the world.  



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