Such a project naturally needs the support of different specialists from the colour fields. From now on, we would like to warmly thank the organisations engaging themselves by our side (cilck on the pics to know more about hem). 








The world of colours





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Without the first KissKissBankBank’s donors, this site wouldn’t have been so quickly and so well made.

We would also like to thank all the people who contributed 50€ and more :

Anna Lochard, Laure Humbert, Julien Gory, Patrick Vabret, Laure Le Duff, Robin Lamarche-Perrin, Yann Le Duff, Léon Lefrançois, Régis Catinaud, Alice Bouvier d'Yvoire, Constance Cardoen, Marie Mascret, Anouk Chabert, Séverine Lamarche, Francis et Brigitte Lopez, Coline Doljac, Nicolas et Sylvie Avril, Isabelle Féron, Thibault Marrone, Joséphine Théron, Jean-Marie Puissant, Anne-So Moreau, Alain Pellier, Pauline Barral, Julie Thomas, Nadine et Jean-Jacques Hugot, Bertrand Schacre, Micheline Vabret, Nicolas Barachin, Thibault Louis, Teresa Damaskinou and Anne Havas. 

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